R.I.P Print World

February 7, 2013

It is no secret to the world that the world of journalism is slowly, but surely crumbling. Newspapers come to the door thinner with less content and one source can be blamed: the Internet.

An article on www.americanprogress.org said it best when they described newspapers by this description: “If newspapers were a baseball team, they would be the Mets—without the hope for “next year.”

Veteran media executive Alan Mutter, an expert observer of the decline of newspapers, has found these depressing statistics:

-Newspaper revenue fell to its lowest level since 1984, although adjusted for inflation the income is actually worth half of what papers earned back then.

-Combined ad sales for all the newspapers in America in 2011 equaled barely two-thirds of the sales by Google alone.

-These declines only accelerated in the fourth quarter of 2011, indicating that the worst is yet to come.

-Digital revenue, once the industry’s hope for economic revival, grew only 6.8 percent during 2011, which is not fast enough to make up for advertising losses.

More of this interesting article can be viewed at: http://www.americanprogress.org/issues/media/news/2012/03/22/11254/think-again-the-end-of-newspapers-and-the-decline-of-democracy/

Well, that doesn’t make me feel warm and fuzzy inside.


Shut Down

January 31, 2013

After sending my resume to a few companies found on job searching sites, I definitely just got served. My e-mail inbox had a lovely message telling me that one of the insurance companies that needed a Web Content Writer wrote me to tell me that after reviewing my application, they felt that my experience has not matched what they are looking for and they were going to continue their search. Gasp…

I guess it’s polite to let the applicant know to stop anticipating a phone call and I didn’t think they would be jumping to call, but seriously? I think I need to re-write my resume because clearly it’s not worthy.

I found myself acting a bit immature thinking “I didn’t want that job anyway” or thinking “I’d rather die than work in an insurance office in a stuffy cubicle 9-5.” Oh well, just bitter I guess. Maybe I should have taken that job opportunity last year when they offered me a web content writing job 3 pm- 12 pm six days a week. I mean, I may of not had any friends and my relationship may have failed due to never seeing my boyfriend, but at least they were willing to give me the job experience! Bah humbug… Good thing I love my newspaper job. If only I had more work!

Just a thought…

January 24, 2013

A frustrating feeling for me is when I read an article and knew I could have wrote it better than the author. Especially when the article is about something you have experienced and lived through. An article that has no sense of feeling or heart is a bad one. I wont go any further with this thought…

Death of Bill Cramer

January 24, 2013

Death of Bill Cramer

He was a very talented well-known journalist.

No if’s, and’s, or but’s

January 17, 2013

So I was at the dentist office for a cleaning this morning… Of course the nice woman who cleaned my teeth asked what I do and what I went to school for. When I replied with “Journalism,” she said “Oh, that’s what I wanted to do, but my dentistry program was only two years so I picked that instead.”

I feel like I hear this all the time. “Well, that’s what I wanted to do, but…”

I mean, you can’t blame them. Sometimes life deals you a hand where you can’t just do whatever you want. Journalism is a very difficult field to break into. I’m still struggling to find a full-time job and have began to resort to applying for jobs that I don’t want. Sooner or later, you realize it’s time to move out, support yourself, pay your own bills, etc. Frolicking around the field of Journalism gets tiring… I truly wonder how many people out there don’t get to do what they really want to do because life responsibilities get in the way… millions I’m sure.


November 2, 2012

I have read many magazines in my time, but I can’t help but gush over Philadelphia Magazine. I started reading it years ago when I had a professor who wrote for the magazine and another who was the editor. I can’t get over the detail added into the articles, I have never seen it anywhere else in other magazines. Not even national. I also have never picked up a magazine that I want to share with everyone. My boyfriend despises when I am reading it because I constantly want to share what is it in and information written throughout the pages. “Oh and this, read this, look at that, we have to try this restaurant, go to this place, etc.”

Just a thought.

The Waiting Room

November 2, 2012

Well, I just went on another one of my application submitting rampages. Some publications must be reallllllly sick of viewing my application or seeing my name. I still refuse to give up. I don’t think I could settle without eventually finding a job that I went to school for that pays the bills. Full-time more or less.
I don’t mind the wait, but sometimes reality smacks me in the face and I realize I cannot support myself without making reasonable money. I am so grateful for having the opportunity to write at a newspaper and the experience has taught me more than ever. It’s amazing how it’s almost been a year and just now is when I am establishing more connections and good relationships with the people and businesses in the towns I cover. It’s very rewarding and important to me to maintain good relationships with the people that contribute their thoughts in my stories and throughout this experience, I have really learned different strategies on what to do and what not to do. It’s very liberating!

For now… I’ll just be hanging out in the waiting room listening to elevator music and staring at a salt water fish tank while I wait for that full-time job college promised me… sigh!

An Interest of Mine… Nellie Bly the Female Stunt Reporter

July 24, 2012

Nellie Bly was a journalist and feminist in the 1860’s. As one of the first women journalists, Nellie had a difficult time proving what she could bring to the table in the world of journalism. This woman had courageously dedicated her life to her work. She is most famous for writing an article on an asylum the Bellevue and it was featured in New York World (No longer existing obviously.) To sum up this story in a short way, Nellie went undercover in the asylum by faking to be mentally insane in her apartment one night until the police came and sent her to the institution. She practiced acting mentally insane for hours in the mirror. Well, they then admitted her and she saw all kinds of unsanitary and awful things happen in the asylum and then wrote a story about how the patients there were being mistreated and put endanger. These were the good ol’ days for journalism when the content was good. Too bad it has dwindled throughout the years.To learn more about her google her or check out this site http://mswc.wordpress.com/2011/03/09/nellie-bly-stunt-journalist-undercover-activist/


July 24, 2012

Tonight I decided to humor myself by looking at careerbuilder.com to see if any opening jobs were available. Sure enough, there wasn’t much to choose from. I went to patch.com to see if they had any job openings and they had nothing either. Like I said before, I am content with my two jobs right and writing for the Daily Times. I have been learning so much from the Daily Times so I think it’s a good place for me right now.

Motivation is Contagious

July 17, 2012

A good friend of mine Sarah Alderman is going down south to research for a big magazine idea she has. She will be sleeping in a tent and conducting research and shooting video. I am so happy for her and can’t wait to hear about her experience. I should motivate myself to pick a topic for a magazine I want to write for and put everything on the line for it. You can’t go around fire expecting not to sweat….