An Interest of Mine… Nellie Bly the Female Stunt Reporter

July 24, 2012

Nellie Bly was a journalist and feminist in the 1860’s. As one of the first women journalists, Nellie had a difficult time proving what she could bring to the table in the world of journalism. This woman had courageously dedicated her life to her work. She is most famous for writing an article on an asylum the Bellevue and it was featured in New York World (No longer existing obviously.) To sum up this story in a short way, Nellie went undercover in the asylum by faking to be mentally insane in her apartment one night until the police came and sent her to the institution. She practiced acting mentally insane for hours in the mirror. Well, they then admitted her and she saw all kinds of unsanitary and awful things happen in the asylum and then wrote a story about how the patients there were being mistreated and put endanger. These were the good ol’ days for journalism when the content was good. Too bad it has dwindled throughout the years.To learn more about her google her or check out this site


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