Shut Down

January 31, 2013

After sending my resume to a few companies found on job searching sites, I definitely just got served. My e-mail inbox had a lovely message telling me that one of the insurance companies that needed a Web Content Writer wrote me to tell me that after reviewing my application, they felt that my experience has not matched what they are looking for and they were going to continue their search. Gasp…

I guess it’s polite to let the applicant know to stop anticipating a phone call and I didn’t think they would be jumping to call, but seriously? I think I need to re-write my resume because clearly it’s not worthy.

I found myself acting a bit immature thinking “I didn’t want that job anyway” or thinking “I’d rather die than work in an insurance office in a stuffy cubicle 9-5.” Oh well, just bitter I guess. Maybe I should have taken that job opportunity last year when they offered me a web content writing job 3 pm- 12 pm six days a week. I mean, I may of not had any friends and my relationship may have failed due to never seeing my boyfriend, but at least they were willing to give me the job experience! Bah humbug… Good thing I love my newspaper job. If only I had more work!


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